Supporting People, Creating Accountability

& Advancing USC's Mission

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The university’s Human Resources division, led by Senior Vice President Felicia A. Washington, encompasses the departments that support people, create accountability, and advance USC’s mission.

We provide a wide variety of important services to faculty, staff, and student employees to ensure they have access to benefits, support and career advancement resources. We also confront discrimination in all of its forms, aligning policies, procedures, and practices that reflect and give meaning to the University’s foundational commitment to equity and inclusion.

University HR

USC Human Resources leads university-wide employee benefit and support programs in areas ranging from benefits to talent and organizational development.

Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX (EEO-TIX)

USC's new Office for Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX (EEO-TIX) handles the University's reporting, investigation, and resolution procedures. EEO-TIX also provides ongoing prevention, education and training efforts to promote and protect the civil rights and employment equity of community members across the University.

Culture, Ethics and Compliance

The Office of Culture, Ethics and Compliance works in partnership with the USC community to reflect on and strengthen its culture, emphasizing ethical decision-making and transparency.

Initiatives & Collaborations

HR: Designing for USC’s Future

Culture Journey

The Culture Journey is USC’s university-wide initiative to co-create USC’s values, align the supportive behaviors that bring those values to life, and create opportunities to improve our systems, processes, and culture.

We Are SC

Fall 2020

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Human Resources, Equity & Compliance Senior Leadership

Felicia A. Washington

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Felicia A. Washington was appointed Senior Vice President of Human Resources in June 2019 and in January 2020 her role expanded to oversee three USC offices: Culture, Ethics, and Compliance; Equity, Equal Opportunity, and Title IX; and Professionalism and Ethics.  She serves in USC’s inaugural HR officer position responsible for designing a professionalized and aligned human resources strategy across all core HR functions, as well as designing the processes and securing the tools and systems for successful implementation. Alignment of HR and the culture, equity, and compliance functions allow for keen focus on driving innovative, caring people practices, and engaging approximately 40,000 staff and faculty.

Prior to USC, Felicia held the Chief People Officer position at UNC-Chapel Hill where she was Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity & Engagement, overseeing Human Resources, Equal Opportunity & TIX, and Diversity & Inclusion. Prior to that, Felicia spent 23 years in private legal practice. She has also served on numerous boards, including the North Carolina Medical Board and the Board of Trustees at UNC-Chapel Hill. Felicia is currently chair of an organization whose membership is exclusively the CHROs of AAU universities, the ARU-HRI.

A resident of Playa Vista, California, Felicia enjoys walks in the sun with her husband, Ron, and traveling with their five children and their families, especially grandchildren Averie and Miles.